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Photo Retouching Service

We will remove all kind of deficiency in your model or objects to give your images a compact aesthetic look. Send us your inquiries and leave us the rest. 

Bust termination for your fashion items on Hollowman 

Delete letters or logos.

To protect your copyright will add a watermark

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 Digital makeup and beauty retouching

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Why Choose Our Photo Retouch Service

There is always an element that affects the result even if all of your preparations for the photo shoot is good. Defects spoil the image of a good product. Beautiful product images are necessary for effective communication with customers without direct contact. Flawless photos of product are important elements and helps to transform a potential buyer into a buyer. Nothing should stop them from buying your product. Our comprehensive image editing service includes:

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Why Photo Retouching Important

Your customers may ask several questions in the decision-making process like how high are the pants trimmed? How does a blouse fit? What cut suit more? Customers decide that they can visualize the clothes on them, and then make the appropriate purchase. Support your customers by providing 3D images during this process. With the help of Holloman retouching, your costume will be more effective than using flat photography. Your customers will be able to avoid buying a bad product and get a better idea of ​​your product also it will reduce the rate of return.

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Model Photo Retouching Service

Using an attractive model in your images, might be the best option to increase interest and familiarity of your product. Because their popularity will reflect on your product. Removing imperfections from the skin or increasing the size of the body of your model will create an attractive look. Standard retouching contain:

We can also beautify the look of your model by digitizing some parts of the body, including double chin removal, unwanted tweezers or hips, or waist extensions. Everything is possible if you want.

Cheap photo retouching service

Attractive models can create the image and style for your brand that you want to represent. In addition, a model can give your customers a better idea of ​​the shape and effect of clothing, but there are several good reasons to use Holloman retouch instead of modeling a product:

  • For new products in the collection, model must be rebooked also include a model in your image are always expensive 
  • You need to take some pictures until the model looks like a suit for the photographer and client, which can spoil the resources.
  • Every buyer has a different idea of ​​aesthetics, and some buyers will not be able to identify with the model, the garment may disappear in the background or a lost effect.

 You have decided whether you will go for a model or go for a hollow man based on your goals, your target group, and your budget.

Protect your image with watermarks

Copying and illegal reuse of photos on the Internet is at risk. Adding a watermark ensures the confidentiality of your images and integrates the branding element for greater brand recognition. We will help you integrate your personal watermark into your images without distracting them from your product.

Some Of Our Image Retouching Work

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Why you should take our service? For few reason, We provide two lead designer for a single project becuase when anyone absent other can understands the client taste as well and provide the same work for the client. Check our clipping path service