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Image Clipping Path Service

High-quality clipping path service makes way easier to make your object in prime focus by removing or separating its background. Clipping path is an essential service for professional photographers but nowadays it is also important in a web-based business like E-commerce business, Online shop, Photoshop designer, photo editor, garments industry, etc. and for whom those are looking for the perfect photo out there for showcasing their product and service.

What is the image clipping?

Clipping path is a part of Photoshop work. It is a process of removing the external part of an image or photo to increase its quality by the use of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop which helps cut out the background from an image.

The use of the Pen tool in photo editing software programs helps to remove the background from our object. We can compare this process with our childhood memory, where we are used to cut out a picture from a newspaper by using a scissor. So programs allow us to eliminate our target object from unwanted backgroun

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Now it is easy to understand why clipping path is also known as photo cut out, deep etch, or closed vector path. While an object’s background has been removed, it will create the opportunity to use a different environment as a replacement. Here the main goal is to maximize the outlook of the photo or image, which makes it good fit for our purpose of using things like leaflets, magazines, or brochures.

Clipping in different degrees of complexity

A professional clipping path service can help you to remove any unwanted background from an image by photo editing and skill full control on a subject whose edges are sharp and smooth. They use photo editing software to cut 2D images to provide the photo or image with a better backdrop. They reside in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other developing countries; nonetheless, some do it better than others.

Clipping Path Services Process

The prime and foremost processes involved in any photo clipping path service are:

  • Background removal
  • Image enhancement
  • Face swapping and image tracing

Background Removal:

There are so many people in Bangladesh, USA, China, Germany and New York who love good attractive photography. There is a common belief that background could contain more attractive components that may take more attention of the viewer. So that the primary image can get less attention from the observer. It is clear that, viewer’s attention has to be on the primary image. That’s why they actually try to concentrate it on the primary image.

The process begins with highlighting the background and wipe out it entirely. There are few cases where it is difficult to erase the background of a photo, so instead of removing the background it is enhanced and in some cases elaborated to upgrade the picture’s.

Photo background removal service

2 Image Enhancement:

Image enhancement is an important part during a clipping path process. Enhancement of photo is a process of filtering or altering, where we can increase or decrease the contrast of a photo or making it darker or lighter than before in different ways. At the end, utilization of light effect optimize the crucial elements of an image or photo.

product image enhancement service

Order Get 3 Face Swapping and Image Tracing:

Face swapping and image tracing process is another type of clipping path service. It is a very essential task for E-commerce, print media, and other similar platforms of advertisement.  Face swapping is the replacement of an individual’s face with another by using Photoshop. Here cropped out part from an image can be used in other photographs or replaced for promotional purposes by the little help of the image tracing process.


The most common types of photo clipping path service are: 

  • Single 
  • Multiple
  • Simple 
  • Complex

Let’s take a closer look at either of these

  • Single Path:

Single Path, also known as a unique clipping path defines only one single path which is created for the image.

  • Multiple Clipping 

Multiple Clipping Path or in short known as “multipath or color path” is a form of clipping path. It means the use of multiple paths for conducting clipping of an image. It is also achieved by using the Pen tool of Photoshop software. In the Multipath path, we can separate the elements in the same photo or group of photos like the parts you want to highlight will be in the picture and other unwanted elements will be removed. It is a bit more complex than normal clipping because of the presence of multiple colors.

  • Simple Path:

It is a basic clipping path service where the main purpose is path selection and removal of the original background from a stable image. The anchor points and curves are applied to such a thin path, such as egg, book, and watch, mobile. The composite images are best created using this process.

  • Complex path;

It is an advanced version of the clipping path service. A complex clipping path is applied to objects with very complicated edges, multiple holes, and possibly multiple objects. If the image is not as solid, more detailed work will need to be carried out. These types of clipping paths are so time-consuming, they cost more than simple and basic clipping paths.


There is many scopes to use the clipping path like photography, E-commerce business, Online shop, Photoshop designer, photo editor, garments industry, etc. Good use of a clipping path in a picture can hold the visitor’s attention. At present days it has become a good marketing strategy that will help you to highlight the best feature and offer of your product that you are promoting. 


All over the world, there are many Photoshop clipping path service Provider Companies but it is more difficult to find out one of the best among them and you might want a way to skip these painful processes. But it will really help to ease your way to make perfect pictures for you!

A professional clipping path service can provide high-quality service to develop and boost the final look of your pictures. You may be a photographer, model, website owner, or marketer, it will definitely help you achieve what you’d never thought possible. You can count on Clipping Path Services to put up all your requirements and deal post-production without hassle.